Trudeau’s 21st century National Energy Program

Don’t like the federal government’s massive new carbon tax that will cost the average middle-class family $2,600 a year by 2022? Blame Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall!

In a tortured piece of logic, the Regina Leader-Post’s long-time, anti-Wall columnist Murray Mandryk insisted Wall “paved the way” for Trudeau’s tax “by failing to offer an alternative.”


  • CodexCoder

    The alternative, no disrespect to Mandryk, the linguistic magician, is to deny the current “computer model” theory of climate change, and not foist yet another useless cash grab out of Canadians’ wallets. I would have preferred that alternative, Mandryk. The proposition offered by Junior Trudeau is unacceptable and dictatorial just as Premier Wall said. I don’t want to give anymore of my hard earned cash to government stooges to waste without positive result.

  • reidjr

    Ontario is expected to have a shortage of fuel some Gta gas stations have closed in Ottawa we have been told with in 2-3 days things could get really tight yet if the extreme left gets there way this would be a daily issue.

    • When government hacks try to run economic endeavors think – Venezuela.

      How well is it working there?

    • Clausewitz

      Everything old is new again. Welcome to 1973 and only being allowed to buy gas on odd or even days.

  • robins111

    She wouldn’t have been raped if she didn’t dress that way

  • mauser 98
    • Linda1000

      I hope that truck/car decal becomes popular all across Canada.

    • xavier

      Actually there’s shale on the coasts of the St Lawerence but of course the enviros don’t want and the govt is content to go along with it due to hydro.if I were premeir I’d order shale production to go ahead and sell it to the Euros and Carribean. Get cash and ignore Ottawa

      • simus1

        The septics have vowed no gas or oil exploration permitted until Quebec is “free and sovereign”.

  • Linda1000

    Brad Wall is the only decent and competent Premier in Canada at the moment.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      We’ll soon see how Manitoba’s new conservative premier performs.