Qurans put in the garbage by the Saudi embassy in Rabat cause fury in Morocco

Some rather strange photos were circulated on Moroccan social media this week. Piles of books, carefully bound in a range of rich colors, lying sadly in the middle of a wasteland.

Damningly they were copies of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. They were snapped next to a garbage dump causing outrage across Morocco, according to a report by HuffPost Arabi.

According to Islamic hadiths (sayings from the prophet of Islam, Muhammad), the Quran should be treated with the utmost respect when being stored or handled. Aside from being treated with such care, it should not be made dirty.

The source of the abandoned holy texts, it has appeared, is even more shocking. The Qurans came from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Rabat – a state not known for taking its interpretation of Islam lightly – says HuffPost Arabi.