Ottawa softens stand on stripping citizenship over false papers for Liberal Party fraudsters…

maryam-monsef-immigration-fraudCitizenship fraudster Maryam Monsef specifically.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    4-Tier Justice…one for the Rich, one for Politicians, one for the Indians, and one for the little people. Guess who gets the heavy sentences?

    • Damn.

    • TerryA

      The little people are also known as the ‘Dirt People’. We’ll see what kind of Opposition we have, Conservative in name only or real ones. I’m not optimistic.

  • Linda1000

    Rules don’t apply to Trudope’s Libtards in Ottawa. You voted for them Canada. Way to go!

  • The Butterfly

    LOL, laws are for the little people, silly.

  • simus1

    Her handlers were likely just fibbing about her birthplace to get rid of a nuisance detail while preparing for her budding political career back home among the sunnis and shias in herat.
    Politicians lie all the time. No biggie.
    Then their plans changed.