The Vice Presidential Debate – livestream

The VP debate.

h/t jbr

  • Ron MacDonald

    Tim Kaine is making an ass of himself.

  • granny47

    Why can’t they for once get an unbiased moderator!? She lets Kaine get away with constant interrupting and lets him have the last word on each topic. So far all the questions are against Trump – nothing about Hitlery’s crimes. Scumbags! Bah!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Kaine has this entire thing memorized, nothing but one liners and old trump quotes all written down and ready to go.

  • jack burns

    Kaine came off like a hysterical ward healer.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Pence held his own. The prediction by the Fox News team before the debate began is that nothing will change