PM Useful Idiot’s carbon pricing scheme means bigger government, not lower emissions

Here’s a simple question for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers who support carbon pricing.

If its purpose is to reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions linked to climate change, why should it grow government revenues by one dollar, let alone billions of dollars annually?

What does bigger government have to do with lowering emissions?

The answer is nothing.

  • xavier

    But we’re ignorant deplorables who must be guided by those who know better than us.

    • Especially when they rob us.

      • xavier

        Robbery is such a judgementsl microagressive word. The govt is merely redistributing the wealth because it ‘s injust that the prudent and frugal are rich while the imprudent and spendthrifts aren’t.

        Show some virtue signalling won’t you for the children(tm)?

  • mauser 98
    • A Hamilton Guy

      Pierre the slime tried to destroy this country; junior is just trying to finish the job.

  • ontario john

    We don’t have a carbon problem in Canada. Even the scientists say that our forests gobble up all that we produce. Its India and fascist China that have a pollution problem, and they sure as hell won’t do anything about it. And Wynne’s buddy the fruit fly sex specialist, scaring children on commercials isn’t going to change that fact. And while Wynne is ranting about global warming scams, and she is in a spat about lying in regards to the deficit, what is she worried about? Why she is upset that trailer park boys advertising is being used in liquor stores.

  • moraywatson

    Because a falling tide grounds all boats. Bigger government will depress us all into third world conditions in order to save Mother Gaia.

  • Oracle9

    Well everyone knows that Canada and its people are Trudeau’s property to dispose of as he likes.

  • Oracle9

    A tax specifically fashioned to grab money from the population, especially the lowest income bracket, to force austerity for frivolous reasons, is beyond immoral.

  • truepeers

    The man/boy is a thug in his own right.

  • Jay Currie

    In Australia, at the height of the climate madness, Tim Blair did the rough calculation as to how much the Labour government’s carbon tax would effect world temperature using generous, IPCC approved numbers. It turned out to be something on the order of .0000046 of a degree C (or some such infinitesimal number).

    Everywhere he goes Trudeau needs to be asked two questions: 1) how much will the carbon tax reduce world temperature, 2) How much will it cost Canada. Over and over those two questions.

  • Linda1000

    As BillyHW would say, I have a triple “F**k you” to all the idiot Canadians who voted for asswipe Trudope and his gestapo administration. The same for all Albertans who voted for Nutley NDPissers. So disgusting, spit, spit, spit!

    • Clink9

      Clap, clap , clap …