Mostafa Naderi: ‘No one was spared’ — a former Iranian political prisoner on the 1988 massacre he narrowly escaped

When I heard Canadian-Iranian professor Homa Hoodfar was released from the notorious Evin prison and left Iran safely after months of incarceration, I was relieved, as I have a sense of what she went through.

In 1981, my political dissent and human rights activities landed me in Iranian prison for 11 years — six of them in northern Tehran and 5½ in solitary confinement. My imprisonment took place at a crucial time, and if not for a handful of chance occurrences, I would have surely been one of the 30,000 victims of Iran’s 1988 massacre of political prisoners.

  • Linda1000

    Well, at least Naderi hyphenated correctly with “Canadian-Iranian” and let’s hope he has more common sense than the lady professor to not try to visit Iran any time soon. I really don’t think Canada would be able to influence Iran in any way regarding their internal political affairs and I doubt if the UN and the OIC care either. Really, in 2009 the Ayatollah regime was still shooting political demonstrators in the streets of Tehran.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Nothing short of regime change will rectify Iran and I don’t see that happening.

  • Barrington Minge

    Look mummy, Daleks!!!

  • DD_Austin

    End “Hyphens”
    End “canadians” of convenience
    End dual citizenship

    as for the rest, just another asian massacre, as told by the whining losers who would
    have happily massacred their opponents given the chance.

    Assholes to the lot of them, a rathole is only a rathole because of the rats in the hole,
    asia is a shithole because of the shit in it, it’s isn’t the geography thats to blame for

    all the shit.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We will find in a few years that Erdogan likely put up numbers close to this with his ‘coup attempt’.