I’m with the Truck Driver…

boy-in-fairy-dressMother’s fury after Sainsbury’s delivery driver told her four-year-old son he should ‘be a superhero’, not wearing a sparkly fairy dress

h/t XB

  • Clink9

    “left upset by the incident and doesn’t want to dress up anymore.”

    Good, maybe you’ll survive planet earth for a good long time now.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Dear women, this is what happens when there is no man in the house.

    • The Butterfly

      Single motherhood is a disgrace, as well as being child abuse.

    • Waffle

      From the article:

      “The incident happened at the family’s home in Effingham, Surrey earlier this year, when Mrs Armitage was upstairs resting and her husband was in the kitchen.”

      • J. C.

        As DbN already stated, no man in the house… 😉

      • mobuyus

        So the families home is in Fuckingham.

  • richfisher

    Mom has the classic I’m-batshit-clinically-mental bangs.
    The kid has no chance.

    • Editor

      Well, maybe if enough Sainsbury drivers drop by . . .

  • G

    But I see they got the little fag-in-training dressed up for the news pictures.

    Mom’s probably some bitter divorced shrew that hates men, so junior has to bear the brunt of her anger.

    • Like that isn’t child abuse.

      • G

        You’re right. It is abuse. I stand corrected. I thought she was a single mother and she isn’t. But really, she calls the newspaper and has her son’ picture taken in a fairy dress to be published?

        What the hell is the matter with you woman? Why not just tattoo “I’m a fag” on his forehead?

        • Because it’s all about her, just like the moron First World mums who post pictures of their fat post-baby guts or their nursing. Attention is what they crave. The vocation of motherhood never entered into it.

    • The Butterfly

      Dressing him up for the newspapers is simply child abuse. Those pics will live forever and he will never be able to live it down. F U “mom”.

  • mobuyus

    Gee wilikers wait till mom finds him hanging in a closet a at 16. Good work mom, you go girl.

    • G

      She’s pretty much screwed his chances if ever getting a girlfriend. How would the newspapers have learned about it if she hadn’t called them? Now his picture is out on the internet forever. Good work mom.

    • Clink9

      Bet the farm on it.

  • Parents are given an enormous task: to take the child they’ve been given and raise him into a normal human being. It’s not easy but if one is determined, it’s possible.

    Not for this broad, though.

    Way to f— up your kid, idiot.

    • full disclosure

      How heart breaking monsters are created.

  • Maggat

    Look at the mum, not to hard to see where she’s coming from. To the detriment of her kids.

  • vimy
  • Justin St.Denis

    In a world where truth mattered at all, this “mom” would be investigated for child abuse.

  • Uncommunist

    Delivery Man Saves Boy’s Life

  • WalterBannon

    The mother of that little fairy needs her ass kicked