Beeb Fever

If Taki’s readers know about Maclean’s magazine at all, it’s because Pat Buchanan alerted them to a trial under way in Canada in 2008 to determine whether or not Canada’s oldest weekly, and its star columnist Mark Steyn, were guilty of anti-Muslim “hate speech.”

  • The only thing propping up these zombified corpses is public money.

    For some reason, people keep giving it.

  • Spatchcocked

    Canadians are a captive people. Medicated by the nanny state we creep about worrying what Mrs Grundy will think or say.
    Meantimes our “core” values and belief systems are being diluted by population replacement.
    Our media has a stranglehold on preventing the germination of critical thought.

    Historically we have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting.
    We collectively allowed the first Trudeau to treat us like livestock and second time round the farcical Justine is driving us into the cultural abattoir .
    It was something to proud of once upon a time….

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Right on! But I don’t care, I still say what I think, hopefully some will start checking out the facts.