Australian imam attacked with shoe on Egyptian TV after insisting Muslim women should NOT have to wear veil

A controversial Sydney imam has been attacked with a shoe while live on air on an Egyptian talk show.

Mostafa Rashid was discussing whether Muslim women should wear headscarves when Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh took off his shoe and beat him round the head with it.

Mr Rashid, a moderate Muslim, has courted controversy in the past by saying women should not have to wear the veil and declaring that drinking alcohol is not forbidden.

His comments on headscarves infuriated Mr al-Wahsh, who removed his shoe and tried to assault Mr Rashid with it.

  • Brett_McS

    I believe Mamba has beaten you to this story, BCF.

    • Ooops… I was away at work, oh well we will leave it up.

  • John

    So how many Mid-East talk shows end this way? I’ve seen a number of them posted at Memri and they’re all so enjoyable. It’s a culture that produces mature, restrained and thoughtful individuals, individuals fond of calm, reasoned discussions and fruitful exchanges of ideas, views and opinions.

    But there’s one thing that I and my best friend Wanda Gershowitz have never understood, though: Why do they always want to trade shoes near the end?

  • Barrington Minge

    Childish in the extreme. Seems like yer mooslims never grow up.