The Horror! The Horror! Muslima in hijab refused to show ears to teacher checking for headphones, banned from test!

MONTREAL—A Montreal junior college is trying to determine how to accommodate a student who was prevented from taking an exam because she wouldn’t temporarily remove part of her hijab, a school spokeswoman said Monday.

The young woman was asked by her male biology teacher two weeks ago to pull back part of her Islamic head scarf so he could see wether she was wearing headphones, said Line Legare with College de Maisonneuve.

“She didn’t want to show him her ears,” Legare said, adding the student offered her teacher the possibility of touching her through the hijab to make sure she wasn’t trying to cheat.

“That made the teacher uncomfortable.”

He then told the student she couldn’t take the exam that day.

OMG! This is the worst thing ever to happen in Racist Canada!

Imagine! A Muslim told to play by the same damn rules everyone else adheres to.