Survey results: Political correctness makes people stupid: Part II Maclean’s

Earlier today, we looked at how political correctness on multiculturalism makes otherwise intelligent people at the CBC sound just plain stupid. Now take a look at the same thing at historic Maclean’s.

Last month, a team of—I would imagine—otherwise intelligent journalists, headed by Anne Kingston, decided to write a virtue signaling blowout on that Conservative Party leadership aspirant Kelly Leitch, who allegedly touched off a culture war by saying we should not encourage immigrants who do not share our basic values.

From their turgid, self-indulgent piece:

A 2011 Environics survey commissioned by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation found Canadians almost unanimously expect new immigrants to adopt Canadian values, a sentiment newcomers share. Almost all (97 per cent of settled Canadians) said adoption of “gender equality” and “tolerance of others” are primary Canadian values; 96 per cent of immigrants agreed.

Leitch’s pitch is also intended as a counterpoint to Trudeau’s comment to the New York Times last year that “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” The country is defined by a “pan-cultural heritage,” he said, characterized by “shared values—openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.”

Leitch wants these values further nailed down, with nary a mention of the fact the country has also been a repository for odious values: Canadian citizens of Japanese ancestry placed in internment camps, Jewish refugees refused on the eve of the Second World War, Indigenous youth placed in residential schools, to name a few.

Reality check: First, starting from the bottom, did we Canadians commit these injustices against Japanese and natives without compunction because the injustices, as we now see them, are part of our most sacred scriptures and thus we can never repudiate them?

No? That’s the justification many offer in the Muslim world for cultural practices we reject.

Notice how difficult it becomes, in the dying media blatherworld that Kingston’s team inhabits, to make critical distinctions between cruelties people think are mandated by the Almighty and therefore cannot be suspended and cruelties we can simply atone for, as we have done in those cases.

And what does Trudeau mean by a “pan-cultural heritage”? This is classic solemn twittery of the sort that goes over well at the dying New York Times. Does our pan-cultural heritage include or exclude female genital mutilation and reduced sentences for honour killing? Why can’t we ask prospective new immigrants where they stand on that?

Leitch only said what a lot of Canadians are thinking, as evidenced by the polls these people wring their hands over: We don’t want large numbers of immigrants to Canada who do not share our basic values because the result must end in either violent conflict or submission to violence.

I don’t think the Conservatives will ever govern again because, like the Republicans in the United States, they have lost touch with their base. That is, Conservatives are rushing to distance themselves from what Canadians who would vote for them actually think.

For example, we are not interested in revisiting issues like whether men have the legal right to beat their wives. Men who think that will simply end up in prison in Canada, and what good is that to anyone?

But trust the typical Conservative leadership aspirant to be unable to bring himself to address that question openly and honestly. A dialogue on the subject would appal the cokesnort cocktail set – and all he really wants to do, so far as I can tell, is pretend to be a Conservative to please the rubes, hicks, and bubbas who still believe we have values worth defending, while really sucking up to the set.

Now here’s the worst part: The cokesnorts don’t believe men should be allowed to beat their wives, male or female, either—unless it is a sex game. But, high on the smell of their own virtue (and generally more secure than most Canadians are), they cannot see the obvious relationship between admitting large numbers of men who do think they have the right to beat their wives to Canada and the erosion of women’s rights that must follow.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the cokesnorts got the business end of the stick first. But we can be reasonably certain that they won’t.

I would not recommend that traditional Canadians bother with the Conservative party. We need a new party, one that can talk honestly about the issues we face, run by people who hold the cokesnorts in the same estimation as the growing numbers of Canadians who only rarely bother to read their work.

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Rogers may be considering scrapping Maclean’s. If all politically correct blatherfests just shut down, maybe we could have an honest discussion about what it means to be a Canadian