Survey results: Political correctness makes people stupid: Part I – the CBC

Well, anyway, the CBC response to a survey on multiculti seems to demonstrate that. But from Jason Proctor at CBC News

CBC-Angus Reid poll: Canadians want minorities to do more to ‘fit in’

In a national polling partnership between CBC and the Angus Reid Institute, 68 per cent of Canadian respondents said minorities should be doing more to fit in with mainstream society instead of keeping their own customs and languages.

The Canadian response represents a hardening of attitudes away from multiculturalism over time.

“It does seem like a very surprising finding, especially when you consider this is a country that has been living with 45 years of official multiculturalism as government policy,” said Shachi Kurl, executive director of the Angus Reid Institute.

“It is maybe not what conventional wisdom might expect. More.

Reality check: Now, neither Proctor nor Kurl is probably as stupid as they sound; they feel forced to signal their virtue by babbling political correctness.

They simply cannot admit what everyone knows: Past immigrant groups tended to come from culturally compatible societies. Hungarians did not slice off their daughters’ genitals. Jamaicans did not stone women to death for adultery. No one thought that the punishment for leaving the majority religion should be death or that men should be allowed to marry and have sex with little girls. Few complained when the law was clarified so that beating one’s wife is not legal in Canada, irrespective of what a sacred text says.

There is no useful comparison between what multiculturalism meant in the 1960s and what it means today. Which is why attitudes are “hardening” away from it.

The CBC will now do everything in its tax-funded power to avoid or misdirect an honest discussion—a discussion that would include naming and describing the cultural practices most Canadians do not want to legitimize, and finding out who in the country actually supports them.

Their very virtue is at stake! For some idea of how much that matters, see, for example, Big Gay’s reaction to Orlando. I asked:

Here’s a question for you and friends: Would you feel comfortable with a survey asking what proportion of self-identified Muslims in Canada think you should be in jail, vs. self-identified Christians?

If the answer is yes, we can talk. If the answer is no, no one can help you.

Oh, by the way, how do you feel about proposed new laws against Islamophobia? Do you have any concerns that such laws might make it unlawful to discuss your security worries? No, okay fine. Let’s move on. More.

Some people will literally risk their lives rather than give up PC virtue and start asking hard questions.

See also: Female genital mutilation advocated in Canada on the CBC. To protect little girls from back alley FGMs, you see.


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