Kim Kardashian flees France on private jet after she is tied up at gunpoint in Paris apartment and robbed of £8.5 MILLION in jewellery

No. We are not supposed to cheer for the robbers but in this case…



Oh  no! ‘Thank goodness we found the piece of my finger’: Lindsay Lohan has emergency surgery after losing half her ring finger in a Turkish boating accident

  • Barrington Minge

    Maybe they should have let some of the air out of her arse!!!

  • G

    aaahhhh thanks. Nice to start a Monday morning with some good news.

    Now, if you post a story about how Jonathan kay, Heather Mallick, Rick Salutin, and Andrew Coyne got hit by a truck, I’ll be happy all week.

  • More evidence of racial discrimination in the US.
    How do they survive the constant oppression?

  • xavier

    Well in this case I won’t be snarky to Kim. However I’m curious if the jewel thevieves are old school pros or commissioned to fund the jihad?

    • G

      Probably set up by the useless skank herself, so she could grab some headlines & insurance money.

      • xavier

        I doubt it. The insurance investigators will take a slightly harder look if only to avoid civil pursuits by the stockholders and govt for fraud

    • Exile1981

      Normally I wouldn’t care…. but i’ve seen more than a couple lefties questioning the media after kim took out that full page add pointing out the lies the NYT had written where the claimed the armenian genocide didn’t happen.

      She may be a celebrity but she has hit back at the left media and made her followers aware of media bias.

  • Hillary-style wealth redistribution on an international level.

  • Sid Falco

    She looks like she shook hands with a Turk.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Interesting considering Kanye was begging for money from Zuckerberg a year or so ago.

    Attention seeking insurance fraud maybe?

    • I would not be surprised. Who travels with that much jewelry?

      • Dana Garcia

        Indeed, who would visit Paristan with millions of dollars in jewels without a platoon of security?


      • canminuteman

        I heard on the radio on my way to work that most of the jewelry isn’t hers. It is “Fashion Week” in Paris and all kinds of people lent her jewelry to wear in public to fashion week events, to be a walking billboard.

  • ntt1

    she still has a few kilometers left in that arse she should be able to earn it all back in a few years .

  • Hard Little Machine

    this is 100.0000% a hoax

  • stubb

    What do any of the Kardashians actually do for a living?

    • mobuyus

      Stage robberies and break ins at swanky hotels. It is their nature after all.

    • A Cheesy sex tape has been parlayed into a very lucrative celebrity career.

      • canminuteman

        I considered this as a career, but my wife would go along with it. It would beat being an electrician.

    • ntt1

      She is a top grossing prostitute

      • mobuyus

        Or just a gross prostitute.

  • mauser 98

    flees multicultural enlightened France on a global warming private jet

  • UCSPanther

    It would be utterly hilarious if Kardashian’s assailant was found to have his hideout in a no-go zone.

  • caliroxanne

    Why do these idiots think Europe is so wonderful? Do they think going to Paris enhances their sophistication bona fides?