Hillary’s Greatest Nightmare is Coming True


No one likes her.

Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to lure young voters into her artisanal fair trade GMO-free gingerbread house. And they just aren’t interested.

In a desperate effort to get out the youth vote, Hillary Clinton dragged her former nemesis, 75-year-old Bernie Sanders, to New Hampshire to campaign for her. When your best bet for winning over the kids was born during WW2, you have a major problem. But whatever millennial pixie dust the senile Socialist had been wearing before had worn off. “Is anyone here ready to transform America?” he croaked.

Not with Hillary. Not even the most naive college freshman believes in Hillary as an agent of change.

“Bernie’s campaign energized so many young people,” Hillary Clinton insisted. But adding Bernie to her campaign of the living dead didn’t energize it. It slowed it down even more.

Hillary Clinton has the backing of less than half of young voters. And the news only gets worse for the Evita of Arkansas.