France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization


Recently, two important studies about French Muslims were released in France. The first one, optimistically entitled, “A French Islam is Possible,” was published under the auspices of Institut Montaigne, an independent French think tank.

The second study, entitled, “Work, the Company and the Religious Question,” is the fourth annual joint study between the Randstad Institute (a recruiting company) and the Observatory of Religious Experience at Work (Observatoire du fait religieux en entreprise, OFRE), a research company.

Both studies, filling a huge knowledge-deficit on religious and ethnic demography, were widely reported in the media. France is a country well-equipped with demographers, scholars, professors and research institutes, but any official data or statistics based on race, origin or religion are prohibited by law.

  • Alain

    The chickens, or should say vultures, are coming home to roost throughout the West. That they get a head start in some countries like France does not save the other countries.

    • H

      France will not fight, I suspect, but simply submit. But some countries will fight? Germany, perhaps? The UK? Canada? Time will tell.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The U.K. will not fight.

      • shasta

        I see no signs that anyone in the West is willing to fight.
        Time to submit? perhaps.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Before we submit to the good night perhaps we should try this one thing?

          Somebody with some courage needs to stand up to the Barbara Lerner Spectres of the world and say that the Holocaust was many years ago and that any debt resulting from that is by now “paid in full morally” and if they don’t like that they are free to move to Israel.
          Multiculturalism (in its origins) was primarily pushed by secular and atheistic Jews (yes, I said it) in order to make Europeans so marginalized as a distinct race, and impotent as a political force, that there could never again be another holocaust.
          The fact that they were in effect perusing a proactive slow motion genocide against Europeans was not supposed to ever be noticed, let along be talked about.

          • Alain

            Not trying to split hairs but I would say JINOs instead of Jews, but otherwise you are correct. The same goes for “hate” laws. The JINOs played right into the hand of all the marxists and still have not figured it out. To point out such is not anti-Semitism.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I don’t see any religious component at play in this at all, but is something instead that is much darker.

  • simus1

    Their only “French” answer always seems to be some sort of mild state controlled and financed co-opted islam a la pre erdogan turkey that makes a big deal about supporting bans against a few things like harim Jello and tampons.
    That ship sailed a long time back.