African Immigrant Arrested After Vandalizing Four Churches in Rome


The 39-year-old Ghanaian began his destructive spree on Friday evening in the church of San Martino ai Monti, where he shattered a statue before being confronted by the parish priest, after which he fled the premises.

Soon afterward the man entered another church full of visiting pilgrims, the ancientBasilica of Santa Prassede, where he demolished the statues of the church’s patron as well as a statue of Saint Anthony, throwing them to the ground and then stamping on them and kicking them. He overturned other sacred objects as well, ripping a large crucifix from the wall. The assailant was on his way to destroy the crucifix on the altar when Father Pedro Savelli, rector of the Basilica, grabbed him by the leg.

  • Let’s get this party rolling and start bulldozing mosques. On Fridays.

  • Mannie

    Another source had this mope claiming to be Christian, apparently from an iconoclastic cult. He was apparently yelling about “Improper use of images.”

  • BillyHW

    When I was young and stupid I actually believed the bullshit Martin Luther King was peddling.

  • The country least able to handle the Camp of the Saints scenario without resorting to violence may be Italy

  • Linda1000

    Maybe he was upset because “Pope” Francis didn’t invite him to live at the Vatican?

    • DMB

      Or washed his feet.

  • DMB

    He probably wanted to redecorate the place to make it look more like his home in Africa a reached dump.