When P.C. Tigers Attack

Administrators at Princeton maul common parlance—and common sense.

One of the feminists who used to write angry letters to the editor in the 1960s about sexist words such as “fireman,” “chairman,” and “mankind” has apparently come to power at Princeton and officially banned this kind of language from all campus documents. The Office of Human Resources issued the new policy. Whether you can still use inflammatory words like “humanity,” “handyman,” or “henchman” in conversation on or near campus remains unclear. To be safe, I have already switched to “handyperson,” “henchindividual” and “persons of hench.”

  • tom_billesley

    Princeton has prince in it. They’ll have to revert to the old name New Jersey College.

  • canminuteman

    The people who do this took 1984 as a guide, rather than a warning. The whole purpose of newspeak was to get rid of as many words from the language as possible so that it was impossible to have abstract thoughts. If you are replacing a more descriptive word, with a less descriptive word, this is exactly what you are doing.

    They will argue that the sex of the workman is unimportant, so you can use the word work person instead, but this is not true. I want to know what sex my work people are so it is a lot easier to say workman/workwoman than it is to say male or female workperson. (and for the record, spell check recognizes workman as a word, but it doesn’t recognize workperson or workwoman.)

    This doesn’t even cover the fact that historically the term man as in mankind or workman was considered gender non specific.

    • Maggat

      At any rate one cannot use ‘person’ as it consists of ‘per’ and ‘son’. Son is masculine hence the gender idiots must not use ‘person’.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    As I have said before: You can have a so called education, but still not be able to organize a rock fight!

  • Hard Little Machine

    ‘Person’ is bigoted. How dare you assume I am an individual. Maybe I identify as a tribe? How do you know I identify as human at all?

    • Nermal

      Should they have said ‘Person/Perdaughter’