US Judge: ‘No Discrimination’ in Muslim Prayer Lawsuit

A group of around 80 Somali Muslim meat packing workers in Nebraska were fired in 2008 when they staged a walkout after negotiations over prayer time breaks broke down. In 2010, a suit was later filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the JBS Swift meatpacking plant alleging religious discrimination.

  • Exile1981

    good, now send them back to somalia.

  • Martin B

    One sane judge in Omaha. I wish there were a lot more of them.

  • bargogx1

    “what one person might see as a reasonable religious request, another might see as unfair preferential treatment”

    In other words, they’d be seeing it for what it is.

  • John

    Had the Hispanic workers not walked out in protest at this preferential treatment, the religious accommodations for the Somalis would have been accepted. This is a good ruling for many American industries and companies grappling with these strident, incessant Muslim demands.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Bring ’em back on the pig processing line!