University students do something not insane for a change…

Students Fight to Keep Their Beloved Campus Cat Where He Belongs


  • pdxnag

    Follow the link. Then find even more happy cat stories.

  • ntt1

    This is the actual story of the so called domestication of cats.. they just moved in.
    as for the health concerns there are several 3 month treatments that fuck up the fleas chitin building ability, happily this will also keep the dorms free of sea lice and most gender studies profs.As for allergies be suspicious of these types, my brothers severe allergy seems to only be reduced by lashings of my best single malt

    • Waffle

      Allergies to cat dander can vary from person to person and from cat to cat.. An individual can be allergic to the dander from one cat, but not another.

      I have personal experience with this quirk. I have lived with my present cat for 7 years with no problems and I lived with my previous cat for 14 years. However, she was not my first pick. I had chosen a tiny kitten who looked as if he needed a forever home, but no sooner had I picked him up, my arm was covered with hives. I had no such problems with Suki although she was infested with fleas that I had to get rid of.

      Horses, however, are another story. Don’t ask.

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      • ntt1

        I wonder how much food and environment affect the toxicity of dander?
        When my 22pound male Siamese moved in I had minor reaction to him but that has all gone now did I get used to him or did he cagily reformulate his dander? 🙂

  • Justin St.Denis

    Eventually, the cutest species may be revealed to be the real “Masters” – tennis tournaments be damned!