Trump urges supporters to monitor polling places in ‘certain areas’


For a second night in a row, Donald Trump told a vastly white audience of supporters on Saturday that they should go to neighborhoods other than their own on Election Day and “watch.”

Trump didn’t elaborate on what they should watch for, telling his crowd in this rural Pennsylvania town that he didn’t want to lose the election “because of you know what I’m talking about.” Trump’s comments were interpreted by voting-rights advocates and others as a subtle but menacing call for his supporters to intimidate at the polls.

  • mauser 98
  • ontario john

    Toronto Star website has a major story on how wonderful islam is, because muslims all over America are banding together to defeat Trump. Lovely picture of a muslim woman with a bag over her head with the story. Meanwhile they have another story on how muslim girls must pass a virginity test in order to go to university in Egypt. Praise Allah for the Toronto Star. Perhaps we can expect sharia law courts in Canada soon, as the Star is excited that whiny indians are now getting their own courts. Yes we have two systems of justice in Canada now, so why not three.

  • Brett_McS

    Trump claimed he would get more of the black vote and just look at these Trump supporters and their nasty intimidation tactics at the polling places!

  • barryjr

    Is this like Obama having his sons assist white voters in Philly?

  • infedel

    …”vastly white audience”…oh really the West is vastly white and every third worlder is trying to get to these vastly white societies…while they call us racists as they rape and pillage and demand accommodation and our social security..screw that.

    • Reginaaharper4

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  • Exile1981

    I took to mean they should see for themselves Hillary’s corruption on election day.

  • ntt1

    I worry that trump is starting to veer into glen beck country.