The silence of the hams: Media and the baby chop shop

From Paige Comstock Cunningham at Salvo

Wanted: intact brains from 24- to-28-week fetuses, “to dissect w/ summer camp students. This is not a horror movie lot, but evidence released by the Hose Select Investigative Panel from its inquiry into the connection between fetal tissue researchers and abortion providers.”

In mid-2015, undercover journalist David Daleiden began releasing videos revealing that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics worked closely with fetal tissue procurement organizations to provide organs and tissues on demand for research. Mainstream and social media pointedly ignored the news, only wakening briefly from their self-imposed slumber to announce Daleiden’s indictment in a flurry of headlines, and then relapsing into their news blackout. When all charges were subsequently dropped, the media dismissed its relevance. More.

Not online but lots of good stuff is.

Reality check: What will probably kill newsstand/nightly news media dead is the extent to which they are actually becoming dangerous to listen to.

They distract us from what we need to know about the world around us, a world in which the fact that one is a human being is—for deep cultural reasons—less and less important. Global government has lots of human beings, after all, and many people vote for globalists without having any idea what is coming down the pike.

Always remember, these former mainstream media do not work for us anymore. They have not done so for some time. They work for our would-be/soon-to-be progressive rulers.

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