Paranormal activity to blame for abuse of mentally disabled persons?

From Denver CBS Local:

At least eight people have been fired due to alleged abuse at a center for the disabled in Pueblo where staff told investigators that “paranormal activity” was to blame.

A federal investigation found numerous cases of abuse at the Pueblo Regional Center for people with severe intellectual disabilities.

A federal report indicates that several residents had words like “die” and “kill” scratched into their skin. Staffers claim the words appeared by “paranormal activity.” More.

The centre’s staff were legal guardians for nine of the residents.

Reality check: For now, this incident is being investigated as a crime. Our culture still has enough cultural confidence to say that we don’t think paranormal activity is a reasonable explanation for such an incident. But, as cultural confidence wanes, we may expect to see grievance groups coming forward, demanding that their paranormal interpretations of criminal incidents be respected alongside those of forensic analysts. After all, there are no facts out there anyway.

See also: Homeschooling: Parents more mainstream than teachers’ union claims. The collapsing public school systems in many areas mean that children will mostly learn anything of value at home anyway. That is why the trend to home schooling and charter schools will grow and teachers’ unions will continue to work very hard with progressive politicians to discredit, if not outlaw, it.

  • canminuteman

    It’s partly cultural confidence that is waning. It’s partly the fact that when you change the people you change the culture. I would bet that the vast majority of people involved in this are Mexican.

    • xavier

      Ok so they have a secularized Catholic culture which has always believed that the spiritual realm is as real and connected the physical realm. The problem lies in the anti rationality and irrational superstitions it engenders.

      I don’t see this as a waning of cultural confidence but the concerted assault on rationality and the prudential skepticism that’s the hallmark of our civilization.

  • The Mexican border is moving north. And no sane person (which apparently includes many Mexicans) wants to live in Mexico. Mexico is kind of a dump.

  • As a Catholic, I accept the existence of the unseen realm. But almost all straightforward criminality, addiction, abuse, etc., belongs to the seen realm, whose explanations will account for it. Diocesan exorcists always investigate these obvious avenues of trouble before *reluctantly* coming to the conclusion that a particular sort of trouble cannot be cast out except by prayer. Cf

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I am in complete agreement!