Momentous Syria Interview Under Fire

German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer filmed an interview with an alleged rebel commander near Aleppo. The claims made by the commander — that the US was supporting al-Qaida — made headlines around the world. But was the interview authentic?

  • Gary

    This past weekend the local METRO paper in Toronto had a pro-ISIS Arab muslims talk about how he’s having a protest to stop the West from bombing SIS which will ruin that old Town that goes back thousands of years.
    But he’s smart because the Media in canada is so stupid that he exploited them to show the angle where he alleged that over 70 children have been killed. Except that the UN now defines a Child from the old age range of 5-12 to the new 5-18.
    This is why there is a flood of bogus refugees where Obama calls them unaccompanied minor to hide what he really wants which is a flood of future voters and teens that will sponsor their parents and up to 10 other relatives to get into the USA .

    When Obama had the chance to wipe out the ISIS parade of trucks and SUV’s after their victory but he chose not to….that pretty well showed me which side he was on .

  • canminuteman

    Basically he is correct as far as I can see. The west is helping the people who are trying to overthrow Assad. There are various groups doing that, but as far as I know the main one is ISIS. It’s pretty hard to claim you are not supporting ISIS in those circumstances.