Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement Trump & Clinton War Over Women

  • Gary

    On Friday , new evidence came out from the Clinton Foundation record that James Comey got $6,000,000.00 dollars from it via money being washed through it by Lockheed Martin that went to Comey.
    Now Comey and Loretta Lynch are up to the necks in the Hillary fraud and treason. James Comey wanted to get an Immunity agreement just like the 5 co-crooks of Hillary , but Trey Gowdy pretty well said UP YOURS .

    The FBI, CIA, DOJ , HLS ,IRS and Obama are corrupt and there is no other group above them to be the Watchers watching the Watchers or Judges judging the Judges.
    Loretta (lynch -mob) Lynch met with Bill Clinton just a couple of days because the FBI met with Hillary.
    Lynch, Obama, Jeh Johnson ,Eric Holder and Cherly Mills pretty well ruined it for any future Blacks claiming that Society will be more just one Blacks get in power. These low IQ traitors prone to crimes met up with two other crooks named Bill and Hillary, now they are pro-rape islamophiles working together to make the USA like Liberia or just another islamic African nation Hell-Hole because they all have hid money outside the USA just like Trudeau and Paul Martin hid their wealth outside Canada to avoid taxes.

  • NoBamaYoMama

    Jeanine Pirro for Supreme Court Justice!