Europe’s New Media Darlings: Terrorists

What would have happened if the city council of Jerusalem had conferred the honorary citizenship on Italy’s Mafia leader, Totò Riina, calling him a “political prisoner”? What would have happened if the city council of Tel Aviv had named a street after Giovanni Brusca, the Mafia butcher who kidnapped and tortured the 11-year-old son of another mafioso who had betrayed him, and then dissolved the boy’s body in acid? The Italian government would have vehemently protested. With Palestinian terrorists, however, there is another standard, as if in the eyes of many of Italy’s city councils, terror against Israeli Jews is actually justified.

  • Dana Garcia

    Surrender appears easier to Euro-elites.

    Remind me again of why we rescued Europe from the Nazis…

    • Minicapt

      To encourage Mohammedan immigration to North America.