Death threats force Muslim woman into hiding

Liberal Party politician Mostafa Geha was one of several speakers at the demo, arranged by the local Liberal Party and GAPH, an organisation against “honour violence.” It came in response to a sustained campaign of intimidation and violence on 21-year-old Walaa, who lives in Hedemora.

In an interview with local radio station P4 Dalarna, she claimed that she has been harassed by both men and women in the town for “not living in the right way”. Tension heightened during a confrontation when she was hit in the face by a young man who had been harassing her over a long period.

The article would lead one to believe Swedes had forced them into hiding. I doubt that is the case, but as ever the MSM lies.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Come on that’s pretty funny. Ukrainian death camp guards complaining they don’t like coming in contact with ‘so many Jews’. Sweden knowingly embarked on an irreversible course, a program with only one possible outcome. Sniff the tears and stop whining buyer’s remorse. Or just move before they make you you or behead you.

  • B__2

    It must that alliance of the extremist Quaker/Jainist factions that are causing this. Obviously they have infiltrated the Swedish Government to prevent them being named as the perpetrators, and I guess that many of the Swedes would be in support of many more Middle Eastern migrants who bring their traditional strong cultural values and traditional Middle Eastern support of women’s rights that will help stamp out the pernicious pacifist Quaker/Jainist alliance.

    • Reginaaharper4

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  • FactsWillOut

    Perhaps Sweden will be where the next Hitler comes from. God, I hope so.
    Saab should be OK with trains.