Catalogue of Terror – The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam is more than a reference book.

The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam by Bryan Griffin with Herb London and Jed Babbin (London Center for Policy Research, 319 pp., $16.95)

Rare is the book that qualifies as a serious reference work and a riveting “read” at the same time. Yet Bryan Griffin’s Encyclopedia of Militant Islam satisfies on both counts. The nations with the highest rates of terrorist attacks are majority Muslim, he informs us. Hence, ordinary, non-violent Muslims are the primary victims of Islamic terror.

  • Gary

    Obama keeps trying to define what islam is and it’s all based on the 0.004% of the World’s muslims in the USA as if these muslims speak for the 99.996 % outside the USA.
    Talk about judging an entire group of people by the action of few , Obama just called the 99.996% as having it all wrong about islam even when these muslims cite quranic verses.

  • simus1

    It is very surprising that more ordinary “slack/ secular” muslims don’t wind up being murdered by jihad fanatics in western countries as happens to some extent in “secular dictatorships” like Bangladesh. Most marxist liberation movements spend a lot of time terrorizing the undecided and unenthusiastic among their fellow tribesmen and citizens to remind everyone they are not to be ratted on or opposed.