Candace Malcolm mau mau’d by the usual suspects for writing about Monsef citizenship chicanery

  • ismiselemeas

    I’m absolutely astonished that she still has her job. If I had lied on my immigration application I would have been frog marched out the door pronto.

    • Martin B

      She has something you don’t have – the heartwarming story of a poor Afghan refugee rising above the bigotry & racism of ordinary Canadians to become a Cabinet Minister. That was too good for Trudope to pass up, and firing her would be an admission of foolishness & fraud on his part.

    • Justin loves feeling good and she makes him feel good, besides law are only for little people in Justin’s world. He’s stickin it to the man, himself.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    As for race She’s CAUCASIAN, let’s cut the bullshit! You’re right, if she had been Conservative, the left would have frogmarched her.

    • Gary

      I heard a lawyer claim that that law should be struck down by the SCOC because it’s not fair.

      Fine, but every terrorist and hamas member could lie about where their child was born just to get then into Canada. The child gets lied to by the Parent and ends up hating jews or Americans by the false history and then finds out they were born in France when the mother was on vacation or worked there .

      The Liberals are back , so get ready for another AdScam theft of millions that will get into the radical mosques to fund jihad terrorism.

  • Gary

    She’s the one that got Justin to visit that Mosque that faked an arson attack to play the victim right after the jihad slaughter in Europe.
    The Imam took $200,000.00 in donation from non-muslims which was because the Media made it look like the whole mosque was torched to he ground.
    I was the typical controlled fire by the Imam as were saw for the Pickering mosque fire in 2004. But when Justin spoke at the Peterborough mosque to condemn islamophobia…the Imam let it slip that the Mosque has Insurance to cover the damage costs.
    Say what …..he took $200,000.00 to repair the mosque while knowing that the Mosque was Insured???
    Wow, when the Imam’s are scam artists how bad can the muslims be that see him as the moral yardstick to define islam and the quran.

  • Nermal

    Silly columnist. Doesn’t she know the law doesn’t apply when the Left do it?