BBC sacked me for being a white man…

The BBC was at the centre of a damaging diversity row last night after one of its top radio stars was sacked for being ‘white and male’.

  • AmicusC

    Amazing that they seem less in favour of diversity when it’s their jobs being taken

  • canminuteman

    At least he got a job to start with. Government and big corporations in Canada won’t consider hiring a white man if they can find a woman or minority with a pulse.

    • Reginaaharper4

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  • B__2

    “… Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” – Pastor Martin Niemöller

  • BillyHW

    He should have said he was gay or a woman on the inside.

  • Gary

    The Bank Of Montreal tried to sack me after the 23 years of unpaid over-time and only a couple of weeks off over 3-year periods.
    The Diversity policy kicked in and I was a white male , on the surface. I never made it an issue that my father is of Native American background from post-1776 where many had to flee North into canada to avoid the revenge Genocide to natives that were on the wrong side of battles with the British and French.
    This is what canada has become and it’s not good. My father and 3 of his brothers had left the Farm to enlist for Canada in 1942 , yet today …. a jew-hating wife-beating homophobic muslim can show up in Canada and get hired at BMO thanks to Barbara Hall’s Diversity Quota system .
    Imagine that , BMO tells gays that the workplace is gay-friendly and a safe-space ……yet the muslim next to hem would slit their throat if they could get away with it under sharia law.
    BMO had employees that marched in PRIDE even when 2 pro-hamas were allowed to march as well. I guess the Bank is OK with gays outside of canada being murdered by muslims and yet Christians are the really bad homophobes in canada to demonize.

    Wynne was at the Orlando vigil and yet her speech ended up denouncing islamophobia 11 times as if the victims were gay muslims killed by an atheist or Jew.

  • V10_Rob

    One [BBCC] executive admitted: ‘It was never about sacking people who already do the job and simply replacing them to tick a box.’

    Someone forgot to read the second page of the memo.

  • barryjr

    Is this the same gang of idiots that were touting the Colombian peace treaty with FARC being signed on Friday?