Autistic teen gets breasts cut off, in “trans” phase

It cuts deep. Via Salvo (Gender Amputated), we learn, at 4th Wave Now how it affected an autistic girl:

The gender therapist (whom I believe has an unholy financial alliance with the surgeon) gave my daughter (then 18 and one day) the go-ahead for the $30,000 surgery (covered for all university employees and their families where I work). My daughter is now on testosterone (which she clearly is unable to evaluate the risks and consequences of).

To give you some sense of my daughter’s level of understanding of what it means to transition, she told me recently that she believes that the testosterone “will grow her a penis.” I had to break the news to her that, although this is the mythology in the PFLAG meetings (where a number of the other young trans people are also autistic), this is not the case.> More.

Reality check: The mother, Kathleen Levinstein, social work prof, is however, part of the problem:

UPDATE 5/24/16: The National Review (NRO) has published an article discussing Dr. Levinstein’s post here on 4thWaveNow. It was pointed out in the comments thread on the NRO piece that Dr. Levinstein’s bio on the U Michigan-Flint site includes a statement that she is the “proud mother of a trans son.” I asked her for a response, and she submitted the following for this update.

That bio was written two years ago, prior to all my daughter’s surgeries and the ensuing and now chronic health problems resulting from testosterone, at a time when I was trying my best to be supportive of my child’s choices.

I am indeed proud of my daughter, who has been a victim in this process.

Dr. Levinstein also stated that she is happy to discuss her situation further with the press.

I think Levinstein should erase all contact with social work and “the press.”  In fact, almost everyone should.

See also: Target’s post-bathroom war’s sales stink The transgender cause is one of the strangest of progressive movements because it directly targets normal reticence, to promote a cause that is outside most customers’ experience. On the other hand, if progressive governments can force this on the public, there is hardly any limit to what they can do.

  • This is child abuse.

    • Yes, it is. It is unclear that the girl is even of sound enough mind to understand the implications of her actions. But she is grist for their mill, one in which progressives plan to grind all of us.

  • Millie_Woods

    Theraputic abortion, partial birth abortion, dissecting living fetus and selling the parts, carving up autistic children is covered by your health insurance, euthanasia.

    This isn’t being done in some dark corner of the world or a medical laboratory in a concentration camp. The perpetrators actually would be ‘happy to discuss it with the press’. Progressives might be sicker than NAZI’s. That’s not an irrational statement.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    The world has gone stark raving mad.

  • Clink9

    I think she’s suffering from humors and needs leeches or a bloodletting.

    • Slickfoot The Deplorable

      Vapors was my guess, but bloodletting is in order leeches too.

    • Minicapt

      Or a fresh batch of mercury pills.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Let’s step back from the ‘child abuse’ line of thinking (although this certainly is) and let’s start seriously asking questions as to what in our society is being manipulated that would allow such conduct to occur.
    I get the feeling that we are a bunch of blind men trying to describe an elephant by “feel”.
    Yes, the left has controll of the media, and all academic institutions, but it doesn’t stop there.
    I believe that “team normal” (us) has a woefully incomplete model of how the world is actually working, and that is to our detriment on many different issues.
    Why are we “loosing” on such easily won issues?
    Think for a second, the Target bathroom capitulation is just the tip of the iceberg of something very odd happening.

    • Reginaaharper4

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  • Minicapt

    “When she was 16, she began watching a TV show called “Degrassi,” …”
    Things that make you say ‘Hmmm’, and blame Toronto.


  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Years from now tis will be looked back on as we look back on lobotomies now.