Atheist United Church minister gets noticed in Washington

From Alan Freeman at Washington Post:

“We don’t talk about God,” Vosper said in an interview, describing services at her West Hill United Church, adding that it’s time the church gave up on “the idolatry of a theistic god.”

Vosper’s decision to reject God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and to turn her church into a haven for nonbelievers “looking for a community that will help them create meaningful lives without God” has become too much even for the liberal-minded United Church of Canada.

The United Church, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, has begun an extraordinary process that could end up stripping Vosper of her rights to continue as a minister. More.

Reality check: The United Church is, like the Anglican Church, on the road to extinction anyway. As an abortion church, it has few Sunday Schools (can’t think why). Support for assisted suicide will probably improve the bequests picture in the short run but not change the long run picture.

A friend attends a United Church in a smallish town and she was somewhat surprised to hear about this controversy. (I was surprised she hadn’t, but then it was probably not much talked of, amid bake sales an social justice lectures.) So she asked me about it.

I said, this much I know is true: A church exists to facilitate the public worship of God (as understood in the Christian tradition). All other activities, neighbourliness, social action, education, and advocacy, should flow from that central purpose.

Obviously, if a person does not believe in God, she should resign, never mind waiting for anyone to fire her. How did that become an issue?

But, just for example, if Rev. Vosper became a militant Muslim, would she still be judged fit to serve? To ask that question is to answer it: Yes, of course, because the United Church doesn’t mean anything to itself any more, never mind to anyone else.

When my friend broached this question with others at the church, she found it was okay with them if the minister was an atheist.

When she asked about the church’s future, she was told by a maven, “It will close, but it will be pried from their cold, dead hands.”

Strange, how all the liberal icons are falling to rampant progressivism.

See also: Child euthanasia centre soon to open in Netherlands They are waiting to see what happens in Belgium. Will the United Church get on board with this before it itself closes down?