Another faked hate crime, but why?

From at Los Angeles CBS Local:

According to the felony complaint, McSwiggan damaged the car mirror and bumper of a vehicle on June 27. The defendant then is alleged to have falsely reported to police that he had been beaten by the vehicle’s driver and two other men, the DA said. More.

The defendant is a gay rights activist.

Reality check: Has anyone ever studied why people report false hate crimes against themselves?

From American Thinker:

Every fake crime reported makes it harder to believe the victim when actual assaults take place. Also, there is an epidemic of fake hate crimes on campus as minorities and others see how victims are lionized and feted by liberals. This appears to be motivation enough to create a fictitious hate incident where the “victim” becomes the center of attention.

As long as certain minorities are granted unquestioned moral authority every time they report a hate crime, rather than objectively investigating an incident and withholding judgment, there will be more fake hate crimes to deal with.

Yes, that was a good investment on David Duke’s part.

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  • xavier

    I suspect it’s a variant of narcissim or a form of paranoia. Remember gays are portrayed or portray themselves as victims. Thus by faking a hate crime they hope to get the Matthew Shepard treatment.

    To me it’s a disordered mental condition stemming from an active gay lifestyle

    • Editor

      I think there is also a much more vindictive motivation behind some of these false accusations. Like false rape accusations, although some are in order to garner attention and sympathy, some are an act of vengance for whatever perceived slight or “microagression” or to just plain ruin the career or life of the wrongly accused. As Canadian reporter Ezra Levant, who was dragged before the Canadian Human Rights Commission noted, “the process is the punishement”.

      • xavier

        Good point. I forgot about revenge

    • Exile1981

      I also think they are mentally disturbed and that anyone who fakes a hate crime is obviously disturbed and needs to be institutionalized.

  • Omar

    I don’t think it’s “just” the attention.

    I believe that Liberals have aligned their moral center of gravity based on an “oppressor/oppressed” narrative, rather than an index of objective, principled morality. Therefore, to a liberal, being oppressed automatically makes one virtuous and being in a position of (at least perceived) greater power automatically makes one immoral/wrong. . . . So, the fakers get a whole grab bag of SJW goodies, INCLUDING unearned moral authority and the supposed “right” to silence opponents simply because of WHO you are rather than the strength of your arguments.*

    *This also explains why whites can never be victims of hate crimes, black people can never be racist, muslims can never be perpetrator’s of halal violence against non-muslims/ apostates/gays/women, and Palestinians can never be terrorists. . . . Win!