When does The Star report race of police suspects?


The Star has long decreed that “no reference, direct or indirect, should be made to a person’s race, colour or religion unless it is pertinent to the story.”

  • canminuteman

    When does the Star report the race of Police suspects? When they are white, that’s when. If you read a story in the Star (I know, why would you) about crime and it doesn’t state the race, assume the suspect is black.

    • Editor

      Pretty fair assumption for the majority of the MSM I would say. Nowadays not only do we get redacted stories, we usually get a patronizing “Don’t jump to conclusions – motives are unclear” warning.

  • ed

    same in the uk ” Asian ” = ” muslim ” no description = ” migrant ” stabbing or shooting in London = blacks against the law in Sweden to report ethnicity of criminal ! [ they do not fool anyone anymore ] ed uk [ OVER 50 % OF RAPES AND MURDERS IN THE UK ARE COMMITTED BY FOREIGNERS OR MIGRANTS 2016 REPORT TO THE HOME OFFICE ]

  • john700

    About 15 years ago, I had an argument with the Public Editor at The Star about the same subject. They wrote about a robbery using the police press release but they took out the sentence in which the police was saying that the suspects were brown. I argued that The Star did not want to report on the race of the suspects in their stories because they did not want the readers to realize that most the crimes in Toronto were commited by non-whites. He said no, no way, we just don’t report the race of suspects. I said: then what’s the purpose of giving details about the suspects (height, gender, etc) without providing an essential element: their race? The police press releases are issued to provide the public with the elements necessary to make it easier for them to help the authorities in finding the suspects, no? If you take out an essential element – the race- the information is useless. No, he repeated, we just don’t report the race of the suspect. He said that until I showed him a story in which a guy robbed a woman near an ATM. The Star reported that the suspect was white. He admited in the paper that he was wrong and retired soon after that.
    I also wonder whether reporting the suspect’s gender (most of them males) is gender discrimination?