The Ultimate Tool of The Patriarchy? Puppies!


  • Justin St.Denis

    What are entrepreneurs supposed to do? If you run an advert for waitstaff, fat and/or old chicks line up by the hundreds for an interview. It doesn’t take long for a few of them to figure out that they were turned down because they are fat/too old, and the next thing you know you’re dealing with human rights complaints which the entrepreneur will lose. In the alternative, dressing a guy up as a big fuzzy puppy and having him go out and offering selected hot young things with job applications is your only alternative. Been there, done that………….

    • Minicapt

      Puppy suit? Or select hot young thing?


      • Justin St.Denis

        It was a hiring drive for a start-up franchise operation back in the mind-1980s. It worked like a charm. But I understand the puppy suit was uncomfortably hot for the poor sucker inside it! 😉

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Puppies can’t be evil.

    Unless you are a self-hating leftist.