Here Are The Mainstream Reporters Who Are Open About Their Anti-Trump Bias


Reporters covering the presidential election from a myriad publications including The New York Times and NBC have expressed negative opinions about Republican nominee Donald Trump in writing, a Daily Caller investigation reveals.

The journalists all expressed their thoughts about Trump over the past year on Twitter. New York Times political reporter Ashley Parker referred to “Peak Trump” in a retweet of someone saying the GOP nominee had gone “apeshit.” A fellow New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters dismissed Trump’s run as a publicity stunt and connected the GOP nominee to racism and xenophobia a month after his announcement speech. “What Trump sought to bolster by running for president — his brand – is now tarnished by associations with xenophobia and racism,” Peters tweeted in July.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …no longer are they journalists digging at the Truth for Enlightenment, they are poor actors reading scripts for inordinate amounts of Money.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Saturday Morning Comic Relief

    Hillary Clinton awkwardly runs into Donald Trump on an elevator. On the way up she says I can’t take it anymore Donald, make me feel like a woman. Donald Trump immediately starts taking off his clothes, throws throws them at her and says: “fold these”.