Germans need to understand their history better says Angela Merkel


The German chancellor said on Saturday that understanding the history surrounding Germany’s reunification in 1990 and the dark period of National Socialism is essential.

She criticised far-right protesters who chant the East German dissident slogan “We are the people”, but said it was also important to reach out to those who feel left behind.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Typical progressive, she know better, the deplorable don’t.

    • Editor

      Exactly. Millions of Germans are wrong, she is the only one that’s right.

  • Miss Trixie

    It’s ALWAYS about hurted feewings with these a**holes and they’re going to get us KILLED.

    J*sus wept.

  • Martin B

    Talk about adding insult to injury. Now she’s deliberately trolling her own people after inflicting a Mohammedan invasion on them.

  • John the Mad

    The people do not “feel left behind,” they feel betrayed by their Chancellor and government. They feel betrayed, because they have been betrayed. Angela Merkel is arrogance writ large.

  • vwVwwVwv

    germany changed, woman dont walk outside alone at night, watch what they wear.
    more and more parents turn in helicopterparents. inner citys look like Bazars,
    good shopps close, cheap mikrobuisneses open,
    you will not recognise it if you
    visited germany 1
    year back.

  • Slickfoot The Deplorable

    Germans need to get in touch with their inner barbarians… everything will work out then.

  • DVult the Deplorable

    Their history shows that when the leader is cuckoo then disaster follows.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    She is certifiably batshit crazy, right? OT: by the way, Cat, there’s fags kissing in the clickbait on your site again. Gross.

  • xavier

    In other words the masses are revolting against Brecht’s famous satirical poem of the DDR commie party about replacing the people because they failed the party

  • simus1

    Comrade Shithead was so thick she was sold on the idea that the collapsed former DDR was just the place to build up Germany’s new cutting edge green enviro scams. Highly paid newly united workers would do great high tech things at high wages after a decade or so on welfare to get them properly prepared for western ways. It has not gone well.

    She might have been a physics whiz back in the DDR but that was then and the huge mountain of shit she has created is now. mutt belongs in an insane asylum for the rest of her life.