Brock Turner and the roots of moral outrage

Dualism and Materialism can’t answer our moral intuitions.

“…The determinist part of the view holds that because there is no “mind” but only a brain, no “spirit” but only a body, consciousness is a matter of synapses and neurons. Freedom is entirely illusory. Applying this view to our example, the rapist does what he does because of a combination of genetics, chance, and time. He has no choice, no free will to do other than he does. And neither does the victim have any real freedom to say yes or no. There cannot be morally significant consent without free will. On materialist-determinist terms, the criterion of consent in sexual relations doesn’t make sense: there’s no such thing as real consent.

This materialist-determinist view is a harsh one, indeed. The New Atheists are often very blustery about it, congratulating themselves for the courage to face the hard truths certified by the scientific method. But serious thinkers also hold this view, and I don’t mean to make them sound callous or inhumane. They surely find rape vile and tragic, all the more so because neither perpetrator nor victim had any real freedom to do otherwise. But that only highlights the tension between what some people purport to believe and how they actually respond to concrete events.”

  • andycanuck

    Here’s the article link that seems to be missing:

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  • BillyHW

    If you are under the impression that Brock Turner is a rapist you need to watch this video.

    Everything the mainstream media tells you is a lie.

  • Gary

    Can these students be THAT stupid to not know that when they pull a stunt like this in the Nation News it reduces their employment pool to like-kind malcontent Businesses that usually live off their Charity Status to solve a non-crisis they made-up .

    Justin is making an ass of him self and will be stuck working for fellow A-Holes that don’t mind working next to a boy in a man’s body that has been 17 for over 25 years and counting.