Better Than a Book-Burning

Traditionally, book-burners had to bide their time until the offending tome was published before they could spray the kerosene and strike a match, but modern technology and social media have changed all that. Today, when word spreads that a book which challenges the left’s preferred narrative and prevailing ideology is about to appear, the approach is pre-emptive and most definitely pro-active. As publisher Connor Court has discovered, there is no need for bonfires because intimidating printers is so much easier and far more effective. With an old-fashioned burning there is always the possibility that some books might be overlooked, go uncollected, and thus escape the flames. The modern approach aims to make sure ink is never laid on paper in the first place.

  • canminuteman

    I read a lot of books and I have collected a lot of books over the years. Since the invention of ebooks I have been paring down my collection of old fashioned books because I just don’t have the space to store them any more. I have given hundreds of books to the local library who sells them to raise money for their own collection.

    Every time I get rid of a book, I ask myself “will I be able to get another copy of this book in the future if I want to”. If I think the answer is no, I keep it.

    It has happened at least once that I recall that Kindle has made books disappear out of people’s virtual libraries by literally sending them down the memory hole, although the issue at the time was copyright infringement. But it they can do that I can see a day when SJWs get books sent down the memory hole because they are “offensive”.