Target’s post-bathroom war’s sales stink

From Glenn T. Stanton at Federalist:

Several months ago, Target stores made an odd gamble. They risked alienating their primary customer base—moms with young kids—to win the praise of the transgender lobby. They announced their ill-conceived new bathroom policy on April 19, then recently announced their sales numbers for the first quarter since that policy.

USA Today reported that Big Red’s second-quarter earnings fell 9.7 percent and it “lowered its sales estimate for the rest of the year.” Reuters explained that net sales plummeted 7.2 percent compared to last year. New stores open for less than a year saw their sales decline by 1.1 percent, not a good trajectory for building an essential early customer base off the local buzz of a shiny new store in the neighborhood.

The Wall Street Journal reported this is the first time Target sales have fallen at their more established stores in two years, and to expect further declines. CEO Brian Cornell told the Journal, “Our number one challenge was traffic, which affected sales in all of our merchandise categories.” Traffic—as in regular customers choosing to stay away from the store for some reason. More.

Reality check: Some reason? How about, I don’t want to pee in front of men and I don’t want my daughter to have to either?

The transgender cause is one of the strangest of progressive movements because it directly targets normal reticence, to promote a cause that is outside most customers’ experience.

Remember the days when the “cause” was diaper changing tables in the men’s washroom? Maybe they were not often used, but at least they were something we customers could in principle understand and support.

Now, obviously, moms with kids use bathrooms more often than jocks rushing in to buy tennis balls. So it would save a struggling company like Target money if the moms with kids flee the bathrooms. But they are now fleeing the whole enterprise, as they must, of course, do.

What’s fascinating is to watch the PC Target execs blather like they cannot imagine what hit them. = The hard reality of human nature, buds. Get a real job next time.

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  • Ron MacDonald

    Any day now Target’s CEO and other high executives will be fired. The company probably lost billions when it opened and then closed stores in Canada.

  • ntt1

    When my two were babies I used mens room change tables a number of times it was an extension of a convenience that changed no social norms. transgenderism and its pandering to a vanishingly small percentage of the population is another thing,it forces women and children to use the same bathrooms as men. it is an open door for perverts and pederasts.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Hitting nails on heads again, huh? The next knock on your door could be the NWO police! 😉

      • ntt1

        I have almost 40 pounds of highly untrained dander spewing militant siamese guarding my ability to feed them. let ’em try.

        • Justin St.Denis

          PHEW! Good to hear you occupy a virtual fortress! 😉

  • Editor

    Let’s hope the higher-ups listen to the bean-counters and fire the whole bunch of diversity/inclusion/social justice whiners in PR, HR etc.

  • Surele Surele
  • bls46

    I, too, read the WSJ article about Target’s dismal sales. No where in the article did Target have the balls to even MENTION that perhaps their gender neutral bathroom idea was a bust.