Socialist Venezuela New Food Police Unit Targeting People For Waiting In Supermarket Lines


Venezuelans continue to fight for survival, as the nation’s socialist experiment has all but collapsed. Looting is commonplace. Hunger is rampant, with Venezuelans of every economic class eating out of garbage cans for sustenance. And a medical system that is so starved of supplies, like soap and gloves, that newborns are reportedly being put in cardboard boxes in maternity wards. That’s coupled with the spikes in infant deaths that began when the country started to falter. The energy shortages haven’t helped either. The rapid inflation has rendered the nation’s currency worthless, there’s no real domestic food production, and all of this has led to empty shelves at supermarkets.

  • xavier

    Great and this will trigger a regional war. Obviously Venezuela will have a civil war. The Cubans and Iranians will get involved to prop up Maduro. Then Colombia and Argentina will get involved which in turn will drag in Bolivia and Ecuador in their stupid desire to save Venezuela from the yanqui imperalists

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I would favor the smuggling of guns to the Venezuelan opposition.

    • xavier

      That and a regime change

  • AlanUK

    A little off topic …

    I followed up a couple of videos on the same page as the Venezuelan story.

    The story about the high school volleyball team really caught me. I he never heard such a (musically) dreadful rendition of the US National Anthem but one that left me on such an emotional high. Good for the school and the team!!

    Have a look …

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anyone who expresses the least buyer’s remorse at signing up for socialism should be eaten.