Jonathan Turley: FBI’s Tanked Clinton Email Probe ‘a Legitimate Matter of Congressional Concern and Investigation’

A professor of law at George Washington University is expressing grave concern over the “bizarre” way in which the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation.

Respected legal scholar Jonathan Turley had previously opined that “FBI Director James Comey was within accepted lines of prosecutorial discretion in declining criminal charges,” even though he believed that charges could have been brought. Now, due to recent revelations that the Department of Justice handed out at least five immunity deals, Turley believes the matter is a “legitimate matter of congressional concern and investigation.”

  • simus1

    The law is like a fiddle.
    Much depends on the honest effort made by the player.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The only thing that baffles me at this point is why anyone is bothering to vote at all anymore. In a rational world this would be the lowest voter turnout in American history. It doesn’t matter what we want or what we do. The outcome has been pre determined. So let’s focus on forcing them to own this catastrophe when not if, it unrolls.