Black Racism Goes Mainstream


Although the U.S. is the least racist nation on the face of the earth there is a discernible shift underway. Too many black Americans and their radical non-black allies feel comfortable routinely spewing anti-white sentiments in public. Their crude, sometimes genocidal statements are becoming increasingly mainstream in the Obama era. In a case of defining deviancy down, antisocial anti-white sentiments are accepted by the media as normal, even admirable. The universities, strongholds of radical leftism and kooky identity politics, cleared the way for this.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Blacks burning down the streets outside of college. Whites burning down the streets inside of college. I guess as long as they’re burning down their own shit that’s fine.

    • bob e

      wish they would grease themselves on a larger scale ..

  • Martin B

    Where would these parasites be without white people? Hunched over with dysentery in a grass hut in Guinea, that’s where.

  • GrimmCreeper

    These people must represent the black uneducated vote that went for Obama.

    • bob e

      watch the afternoon shows like jerry springer & the others
      & U will truly see how ignorant these people are. they are
      from another planet. have 10 babies outta’ wedlock ?? no problem, whitey will take care of it long as they got their doo right & earings pimpin’, nothing could be wrong !!
      There are millions of ’em exactly like descibed ..

  • DMB
    • Justin St.Denis

      Wow! That guy really doesn’t pull any punches, does he!?!? I don’t think I have EVER heard such a succinct takedown of African-Americans, or such an honest one…..

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The stewards of black culture (including politicians in their gerrymandered districts) put authenticity above uplift and betterment, which is why their pop music, or what passes for it, is littered with F words, MF words and N words.

  • Millie_Woods

    I remember in 2008 some of the more fringe opponents of Obama said he was out to destroy race relations in the US. Of course they were branded racists. How does that saying go?

    “What all the wise men promised has not came true and what every damned fool said would happen has came to pass”.

  • Gary

    Obama should look into what the Saudi Arabs and Pakistani’s have as their word for Nig**r and that the treatment of them is so bad that many would have loved to live in the 1950 USA to be banned from a cafe or go to black only schools.

    Obama couldn’t even get a job as a street sweeper in Pakistan.