Trudeau’s magical, mystery climate plan

Canada’s approach to “fighting” climate change is based on magical thinking.

Consider: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced to much fanfare that he is going to ratify the Paris climate treaty.

In doing so, he has pledged to lower our industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change to the same levels as former prime minister Stephen Harper promised, back when the Liberals called Harper a climate denier.

  • ontario john

    And of course his buddy Wynne continues to refuse to show her carbon tax scam on gas bills. Wouldn’t want the peasants to see how much they are being ripped off.

    • The public service unions will keep the Liberals in power so there is little we can do.

  • Ed

    He doesn’t do hard topics.

  • Gary

    Nice one Justin, there are 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada while we are just 0.5% of the World’s population that will have next to NO major effect to reduce the Carbon footprint .
    Justin’s globe trotting by Jet and flying across Canada on a whim has created a carbon Footprint in his first year that I could never produce in my lifetime .

    • Justin is an idiot, spouting nonsense platitudes makes him feel good.

      • ontario john

        With whiny indians and environmental leftists blocking every dam and oil pipeline in Canada, we won’t have any carbon problems as we freeze in the dark.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Stupid does what George Soros tells him to do.

  • simus1

    GLL 小土豆 has spoken.
    So It Shall Be Done.
    All hail Great Lying Leader 小土豆

  • Scaramouche

    Cap and trade= tax and grab.

  • Alain

    If only, yes if only, Harper had been a “climate denier”. Once again believing that embracing the leftist/globalist narrative would win them friends proved just how wrong it always will be. Also spare me that it required incrementalism, since just about 100% of those wee tiny steps were erased within the first three months of Liberals in office.