Pakistanis claim to be SYRIAN CHILDREN as migrants registered from 70 countries in Hungary

THOUSANDS of Pakistani men have claimed to be 12-year-old Syrian boys in a bid to gain entry to Europe, according to those on the front line of the continuing migrant crisis.

Over the last two years more than one million migrants and asylum seekers have crossed into the European Union in a bid to begin a new life in the UK, France and Germany, among other western EU countries.

Hundreds of thousands have come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, countries which have all been ravaged by terror and war.

However, those on the front line of the migrant crisis have now claimed over the last two years they have registered migrants from over SEVENTY countries.

  • Alain

    I notice newspeak at work again. An example being first the claim of global cooling (ice age), and when it didn’t happen it went to global warming. Since that wasn’t happening as predicted, it was changed to climate change. In this case it was first refugees, but since the majority did not originate in a war torn country it has now been changed to migrants. If one is honest they have never been anything other than invaders. Invaders that only the West is stupid and suicidal enough to welcome.

    • tom_billesley

      … but, but they’re fleeing future climate disruption.

  • K1

    They are just making such fools of the humanitarian side of Western society