Colin Kaepernick: Who’s the real racist?

Colin Kaepernick is obsessed with race. That does not mean he is against racists; rather, he is himself a racist who measures people according to his prejudices.

He alienated everyone when he said about Clinton and Trump: “Both are proven liars and it almost seems like they’re trying to debate who’s less racist.”

Colin is a simple mind fulminating against racism. He almost makes me want to become a racist just to seem more intellectual than such a fool.

According to Colin, Clinton and Trump are “proven liars. But he is misinterpreting, suggesting that racial inequality is rampant. Obviously, he was not alive in my generation, when blacks had far fewer rights.

  • ontario john

    And of course we have the Toronto Star today ranting about how we are all racist bastards towards blacks, here in sunny ways Ontario. Yes, the bad old days of plantations and cotton fields in rural Ontario I guess.

  • Millie_Woods

    Worse yet, he’s a Dick.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Hey screwup! Get a hair cut!

  • Ed

    See NFL ratings slide lately?

  • Gary

    I remember a small factoid from STATS-CAN about the latest Census where it was meant to boast about how open Canada is to non-whites. But the factoid said that 90% of those that reported as being Black were NOT in Canada prior to 1970.
    Those here prior to 1970 had a smaller number linked to US Africans that were linked to slavery.

    Today, we have Caribbean Blacks and Black muslims crying racism where one group back in the 1992 Yonge St riot was fired up by Dudley Laws over the 400 years of slavery . Slavery was abolished in the UK by 1812 while Canada took in US slaves that fled North for freedom and YES……white people in Canada were oppressed as peons for the hard labour jobs if they were poor from birth.

    The BLM terrorists that Wynne embraces are nothing but an imported group of low IQ malcontent’s that were cheated in life from a single parent moron that spread her legs for any moron men she dragged home which created more Fatherless children only related to the mother but different sperm donors as the biological father.
    White people didn’t force Black males to bed hop across the Welfare Housing Units to create angry and low IQ teens prone to violence which adds to being unemployable where NO Human Rights Laws can keep the legs of Black women closed to men they aren’t married to.
    The BLM people are aiding in the bad perception of Blacks in general on top of what Liberia proved and how Obama’s Black-Team invalidated those decades of claims that the USA would be better once Blacks got in power.

    As for Muslims and islam , even white converts develop that Mental illness where they suddenly was to kill non-muslims as they praise god in Arabic. In that cause it’s not the colour as the main factor but the 7th century death cult invented by a pedophile orphan that hated the jews and gays.
    Justin wants us to get used to islamic terrorist because it’s 2016 .