Black Lives Matters Supporters Have to Grapple With This Chart

One of the most frustrating aspects of our so-called “national dialog” on race is the presumption that disparate impact equals racism. In other words, if any negative action falls disproportionately on people of color, then that difference itself is evidence of racial bias. Take the police shooting debate. Though police kill far more whites, they do use deadly force on a higher proportion of African-Americans. All other things being equal, wouldn’t that be evidence of racism? But all other things aren’t equal — violent crime rates simply aren’t proportionate. Look at this Guardian chart of murder rates, taken from the most current FBI crime statistics…


  • robins111

    Well that is inconvenient.. annnd racissss

  • Ed

    When will SJWs notice how few white people play in the high income NFL?

  • lolwut?

    There’s stats that say black cops are more likely to shoot people as well.
    White cops are less likely to shoot blacks then whites.

    But we all know that BLM isn’t about police violence, it’s about making money
    and causing anarchy.

    • Alain

      Causing anarchy is the main objective, which is typical for marxists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Shhh don’t remind them. Let them carry on. It’s self correcting in the longer run.