America’s dilemma is this: Trump may get the answers wrong, but he is asking the right questions

“…Donald Trump boasted that he had spotted and announced earlier than any reporter that the New York attack (and other ones over that weekend) was a terrorist one. He taps into public contempt for the sheer unrealism of leaders who refuse to identify what is happening, and he relates it to immigration. It is important, he says, that when America admits new entrants, they should not be people who hate the place.

However improvised or silly some of his remedies for this problem, he is surely right. Countries that admit significant numbers of deadly enemies cannot remain free countries for long. He is right, too, that a political culture which cannot face this fact is weak or sick. Mrs Clinton – though not as bad an offender as President Obama, who has never even used the phrase “Islamist terrorism” – is on the weaker side of this argument.

This is a classic example of the split, which everyone now talks about, between ruling elites and people in general.”