The Little Potato is now Le Gros Cochon: Justin Spent $1300.00 per head feeding Liberal Fatcats

OTTAWA — The Justin Trudeau government has revealed that the cost of food and beverages supplied aboard a government Airbus used for the PM’s first two international trips abroad amounted to just over $1,300 … per person!

  • truepeers

    $54 per meal but $1300 per person? They were eating every hour? Math does not add up, another journalism failure on behalf of Junior’s kakistocracy.

    • truepeers

      Oh, it’s the booze tab… Journalists’ sacred cow

      • Exile1981

        So 1200 per reporter in booze then? At say $50 a bottle of rum thats still 24 litets of hard liquir per reporter. I surprised they wete able to stand.

        • truepeers

          I was thinking a half dozen bottles of expensive wine each.

  • richfisher

    Pay the vendor whatever it really costs but have him write the invoice for double and the vendor gives the scumbag politician half back in cash.
    American 100 dollar bills go into their freezers until they carry it out of our country $9,999 for each friend and family member not including the diplomatic immunity big bag carrier and deposited offshore.

  • Alain

    Oh but the orange juice…..

  • ontario john

    Yes, but he is so young and cool, and even shows his chest. Everyone in Canada loves him. He is forgiven.

  • Spatchcocked

    Alain scooped me but I was going to say they must have been drinking premium cru orange juice.

  • vwVwwVwv

    an insult to bacon!

  • Maggat

    Nicest picture I’ve ever seen of the shiny (pig) pony

  • Minicapt

    It was an RCAF Airbus, not a ‘government’ Airbus. The government probably reimbursed the Air Force at $.10 on the dollar.