‘Redemptive Jihad’: New York, Minnesota Terrorists Were Cleansing Their Sins

The news is full these days of stories about how everyone who knew the latest jihad attackers in New York and Minnesota is shocked — shocked! — that he could have done such a thing. If any of this shock is sincere, it is based on the difference between how the jihadi behaved before and during his jihad.

But that very difference may be why they opted to commit jihad violence: to redeem themselves after lives of sin and lack of interest in Islam.

  • FactsWillOut

    I suggest we cleans the entire ME.

    • That day will come.

      • xavier

        But hang on there’s no sin in Islam. The theology denies free will and agency. So they can’t expiate for their actions. They can Only please or displease Allah

        • Brett_McS

          It’s a lottery for Muslims in general, but being a Shaheed is supposed to be a guarantee of paradise.

  • Dana Garcia

    Cleanse sins via mass murder?

    And Muz wonder why civilized people reject them.

  • Tokenn

    These guys aren’t making a political statement as much as going on a spiritual quest. That this is going on was obvious to me as soon as I read that jihadis who die get a Golden Ticket to Muslim Brothel Paradise.