How 2008 Changed Everything

Over the last few years, the question of immigration has become a dominant issue in the West. In the United States, immigration has emerged as one of the pivot points in the presidential election. In Europe, as well, immigration has become a political pivot. Immigration has always been a contentious issue. In the United States, where immigration was indispensable for the construction of the nation, the arrival of Irish Catholic immigrants in the 1840s created a profound crisis. The dominant Protestants feared the loyalty of the Catholics. Similarly, the arrival of Jews from Russia into Central Europe in the 19th century generated fears of the Ostjuden (Jews from Eastern Europe) who were culturally different and seemed impossible to assimilate.

Pic – Gustave Dore – The Inferno, Canto 18, lines 116­117: “Why greedily thus bendest more on me, Than on these other filthy ones, thy ken?”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “A new ideology has emerged. It is not yet in power, but it is growing. It argues that the nation-state controlling and limiting its dependence is superior to interdependence. It also argues that the nation-state provides benefits globalism cannot: a sense of community, the preservation of culture, a sense of self. This argument says that humans without a nation are humans without a community. They are alone, lonely and helpless.”

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      I don’t think all this began in 2008. It has been brewing for years, ever since mass immigration from third world places began in the 60’s (or earlier in the UK). But maybe 2008 was a tipping point. Damn I hope Trump wins. And I hope he does what he says he will.

      Canada needs a Trump but instead we have a True-DOPE.

    • People are waking up to the con.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        We are waking up to “the con” but I think it’s actually something much worse than some dishonest men cheating us all out of some money.
        Ultimately they are all civilizational vandals, committing acts of great evil for some money.
        They should be put to death as what they are doing leads to the deaths of many others.